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  Copper sulfate pentahydrate
Specification:Copper sulfate pentahydrate


Chemical Analysis
Purity(CuSO4 5H2O)                                                                             98% Min                                         
Coppper                                               25% Min
Trace Elements
Arsenic(As)                                               5 ppm Max
Cadmium(Cd)                                              10 ppm Max
Lead(Pb)                                               20 ppm Max
Free Acid                                              0.3% Max
Water Insoluble                                              0.2% Max
Physical Properties
Colour                                              Blue Crystal
Screen Analysis                                              20-80Mesh
25kgs plastic woven bag with plastic inner bag

1,Used for manufacturing the various copper compounds.

2,Used for mineral processing.

3,Used for textile mordant,agricultural pesticides,fungicides,preservatives,tanning eather,plating and desiccant.

4,Applied in dyes and pigments industry.

5,wildly used in the poultry feed additive or fertilizer.


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