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  Potassium Nitrate
Specification:Potassium Nitrate


Chemical Analysis
Grade                                                                 Aricultural Grade                       Industrial  Grade
Purity(KNO3)                                           98%  min                                     99.4%min
Potassium Oxide(K2O)                                           46%min                                       ---------------
Nitrogen(N)                                          13.5%min                                    ---------------
Moisture                                          ------------                                      0.01%max
Sulfate(SO4)                                          ------------                                     0.01%max
Chloride(CL)                                        0.03%max                                   0.03%max
Iron(Fe)                                         ------------                                      0.01%max
Heavy Metal                                        -------------                                     0.014%max
Water Insoluble                                        0.01%max                                   0.01%max
Physical Properties
Colour                                         Colorless Crystal or  White granular
CAS NO;                                         7757-79-1
HS  CODE                                         28342190
Screen Analysis                                      Crystal or 1-3mm,3-5mm granular
25kg pp woven bag or according to customers' requirements
Applied in TV glass,glass refining agent and motor light glass,fireworks and black powder,salt bath of heat treatment,also wildly used to make compound fertilizers,foliar spray additional, it is applied in cigarette paper,conservatives and  chromogen in food industry,etc.
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