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Chemical Analysis  
Total Content(as monoethanolamine) 99.5% min
Diethanolamine 0
Triethanolamine 0
Water Content 0.2% max
Chromaticity(Amber-Cobalt) 10% max
Density 1.014-1.019g/cm3 20℃
Product Identification  
Chinese Common Name monoethanolamine;2-Aminoethanol
Molecular Formula C2H7NO
Cas No. 141-43-5
Hs No. 2822110001
Un No. UN2491
Dangerous Goods No. 82504
Physi-chemical Properties  
Melting Point 10.5℃
Flashing Point 93.3℃
Boiling Point 170.05℃
Appearence colorless,transparent,viscous liquid
packed in plastic barrels (net weight:210kg/barrel)  


  Monoethanolamine is mainly used in the production of wood-treatment chemicals and detergents. It is also intermediate used in

  the production of anionic and nonionic surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and lubrication oils.

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