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  Potassium Cabonate
Specification:Potassium Cabonate
  Chemical   Analysis
  Purity 99%min
Chloride(As KCL) 0.003%max
Sulfate(As K2SO4 0.002%max
Iron 0.0005%max
Water Insoluble 0.005%max
Burnt Loss 0.6%max
  Physical  Properties
CAS NO. 584-08-7
HS CODE 2836400
Molecular Formula  K2CO3
Molecular Weight 138.21
Density  2.43
Appearance  White Crystal Powder
 25kgs net plastic woven bag,1000kgs bulk bag available  
Mainly used as the screen glass shell,fertilizer decarburization,vacuum tubes,inorganic salts,dyesand other industrial production of raw materials.Also used for fire-extinguisher,ceramics,pharmaceutical raw materials,glass industry etc. 


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