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  Sodium Molybdate dihydrate
Specification:Sodium Molybdate dihydrate


Chemical Analysis
Purity 99.8% min
Mo 39%min
Fe 0.02%max
As 0.001%max
Pb 0.02%max
SO4 0.2%MAX
Physical Properties
Molecular Formula Na2MoO4
Cas No. 7631-95-0,106463-33-6,10102-40-6
Formula Weight 241.95
25kgs net plastic woven bag,1000kgs bulk bag
Applied in making the alkaloid,reagent,precipitant of dye,molybdnum red pigment,molybdenum salt and lightfast the raw material of fire retardant.mostly used as corrosion inhibitor in the cycle cooling system,as wellas  the metalworking fluid.
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