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  Calcium hydrogen phosphate
Specification:Calcium hydrogen phosphate

Chemical Analysis  
Phosphate 18% min
Solubility in 2% Citric acid 90%
Calcuim 25.5%min
Arsenic 10ppm max
Plumbum 10ppm max
Cadmium 10ppm max
Hydrochloric Acid insoluble0.03%max
Moisture 2%max
Size 16-40mesh,40-100mesh
Physical Properties  
Cas No. 7757-93-9/7789-77-7
Molecular Weight 172.09
Density 2.32
Melting Point 167℃
HS Code 28352500
Appearance White Powder or White Granula
25kgs net plastic woven bag or 1000kgs bulk bag  
Used as a calcuim fortifier,emulsifying stabilizer,water retention agent and chewing gum bases.also wildly used in cereals and its products,milk beverages,infant food and other food

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