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  MSDS - Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate
MSDS - Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate
Issued July 13,2007
Section 1. Production information  
Product Name: Zinc sulphate Monohydrate  
Molecular Formula: ZnSO4.H2O
Molecular Weight: 197.45                               
CAS Number: 7446-19-7
Appearance: White fluidity powder,
Density: 1.4g/ml at 25°c
Product Use: Included in animal feed additive 
Section 2.Reactivity data
Stability: Stable
Conditions to Avoid: Extremely high temperatures
Incompatibility (Materials to Avoid): Oxidizing agents and alkalies
Hazardous Decomposition Products: Products of sulphur oxides, sulphur dioxides and SO3
Hazardous Polymerization: Will not occur 
Section 3.Toxicological properties  
Routes of Entry: Inhalation, Skin, Ingestion, Eyes
Inhalation: Irritation to respiratory system
Skin: Mild irritant
Eyes: Will cause painful irritation
Ingestion: Ingestion of large quantities can produce GI tract disturbances, severe shock, vomiting, liver damage, tachycardia and death.
Carcinogenicity: Not established
Medical Conditions Generally Aggravated by Exposure: Dermatitis, asthma, conjunctivitis, stomach or digestive problems.
Signs and Symptoms of Exposure: Irritation or itching, stinging of eyes, breathing problems, stomach ache, acid or sour taste.
Section 4. Preventive measures
Personal Protective Equipment
Respiratory Protective Equipment: Use breathing protection (dust mask)
Eyes and Face: Safety goggles
Hands, Arms and Body: Gloves and long sleeved cover-alls.
Storage: Store in dry location
Normal Handling: Wear gloves, safety glasses, breathing mask, coveralls.
Work/Hygienic Practices: Available safety showers as well as end of shift clean-up facilities.
Steps to be Taken in Case Material is Released or Spilled:
Sweep up and repackage or place in receptacle for future disposal.
Waste Disposal Method:
Remove to properly designated landfill, or, if in solution, precipitate with alkali and filter off iron for removal to landfill with p11 adjustments of the filtrate and discharge to sewer.
Precautions to be Taken in Handling and Storage:
Wear gloves, safety goggles, breathing mask and coveralls when handling. Stored materials should be placed in a dry and reasonably temperatured area, preferably below 75 deg. F.
Other Precautions: None
Section 5. First aid measures
Ingestion: Call a doctor immediately. Drink large amounts of water, induce vomiting.
Ingestion: Call a doctor immediately. Drink large amounts of water, induce vomiting.
Skin: Instantly wash with water and soap and rinse thoroughly.
Eyes: Rinse opened eye for 15 minutes under running water.
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